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Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle

Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle

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Chubby Gorilla has made its stamp on the world with its unparalleled quality and masterful design. Crafted from a premium soft squeeze PET bottle which provides a consistent and natural flow rate, liquid is dispensed through a refined drip tip and partnered with its liquid leak blocker, makes for the perfect travel sized companion.

Designed and engineered in California, USA, each bottle offers "one motion assembly" with its intelligently designed All-In One SmartCap. The cap offers a comfortable and easy to use system coined the Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure which also offers child resistant and lock-on tamper evident break-off bands.

Product Specifications

  • One Motion Assembly
  • All in one SmartCap
  • Child resistant closure
  • Refined narrow drip tip with easy flow dispensing
  • Smooth HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure
  • Lock-On tamper evident break-off band
  • Liquid leak blocker
  • Ease-Squeeze construction for a more consistent and natural flow rate
  • Embossed with the signature Gorilla logo as a stamp of quality and authenticity
  • Engineered and designed in California
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