ASMODUS Minikin Pod System - COMING SOON

ASMODUS Minikin Pod System - COMING SOON

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The Minikin Pod System is a vape kit that offers a maximum wattage output of 50.0 watts and features a removeable pod that has a plug and play pod installation. Juice enters the pod via a hidden juice port that is easily pushed upwards and allows access to the juice port. Once done, you can slide the juice port door down and securely seal the juice inside the pod.

The pod of the device features a strong magnetic closure to ensure a secure connection. The pod offers an an impressive airflow control switch that is fully adjustable. It can adjust from anywhere to fully closed (for easily priming coils) to robust amounts of air; and literally anywhere in-between. The perfect amount of adjusting so anyone can find their own sweet spot. This is where the Minikin Pod System truly shines. With a large juice capacity, the ability to switch out drip tips, and full tuning of airflow allows the Minikin Pod System to imitate and switch between any other device on the market; so whether you are looking for a new system that performs like what you are used to or looking to switch between more cloudy / throaty intakes, the Minikin Pod is versatile enough to find your perfect hit.

The Minikin Pod System is powered by an internal battery that is charged via a USB Type-C. The Minikin Pod device clearly shows all pertinent vaping data on a small sized screen and wattage is adjusted with two small buttons located below the screen. The device is fired with an enlarged button located above the screen. The device is powered on and off by simply pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum power output: 50.0 watts
  • Removeable pod that offers fully adjustable airflow inlet
  • Hidden fill port that slides open and closed to safely store juice inside the pod
  • Plug and play coils that make coil swapping a breeze
  • Small LCD screen which displays all pertinent vaping data in a simple and clean interface
  • Wattage adjustment buttons located at the base of the device
  • Enlarged fire button is placed above screen and serves as the on / off switch with 5 quick clicks
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