Top 5 RDA & RTA Atomizers

5 - C4 Single Coil BF RDA

A squonk compatible single coil rebuildable dripping atomizer, our C4 RDA was designed with ease of use as a priority. Composed of high-quality 304 stainless steel with a 6063 anodized aluminum top cap, the C4 is guaranteed to last you a lifetime with minimal damage. Sure to deliver an explosive burst of flavor that will have you wanting more, this atomizer is most comfortable when used with builds intended for rich, dense vapor, which it only enhances through the use of a unique airflow system that makes use of 9 individual airflow inlets machined into the outer barrel at the perfect angle to create a flavorful maelstrom within the chamber which it then delivers to the user. Hard hitting due to the unique deck design which acts to help reduce the total volume within the atomizer to condense the vapor even further and deliver the most power possible to your coils with the help of a layer of 24K gold plating, the C4 RDA is one of the best performing bottom feed atomizers available.

4 - Zesthia Single Coil RTA

An amazing single coil tank which makes producing intense flavor a painless task, the Zesthia is easy to learn but hard to master. Utilizing our own hotdog style deck to squeeze every ounce of flavor possible from a single coil build, the Zesthia makes for a tasty option when used at lower wattage levels. Two large posts help to condense the vapor produced in the chamber while allowing for even the largest of coils to be situated with ease without risk of shorting them out against the walls or ceiling of the chimney, which is machined into a conical shape to help further concentrate the vapor, making for an intense flavor profile. Flexible enough to go from flavor banger to cloud chaser in an instant, the Zesthia is a well rounded rebuildable tank atomizer sure to work its way into the heart of any vaper looking for a new tank.

3 - Voluna V2 RTA

The successor to our first rebuildable tank atomizer, the Voluna V2 offers up a completely revamped design that makes the original Voluna seem like an antique. Taking the original flavor focused construction and running wild with it, the Voluna V2 makes use of a simple to build 4 terminal deck that makes installing dual coil builds a breeze. Whereas the original Voluna deck more closely resembled an RDA due to the hollow base, the Voluna V2’s has been modified to help reduce the chance of leakage, a complaint which haunted the its predecessor. Additionally, we have added a hinged top cap instead of the threaded retention system the Voluna used, helping to expedite the filling process. The same conical chimney makes its return however, because if it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it. Providing an intense, unparalleled flavor oriented experience, the Voluna V2 is one of the best atomizers available in its price range, and is ready to prove itself to anyone willing to pick one up.

2 - Nefarius TF/BF RDTA

The first squonkable RDTA to make it to market, the Nefarius provides all the power and flavor found in a dripping atomizer while going even further beyond the larger capacity inherent to dripping tank atomizers. Fashioned in the style of a classic Genesis style atomizer, the Nefarius utilizes a never before seen feature for RDTAs: a squonk pin! This allows the Nefarius’ juice reservoir to be fed from below using a squonker style mod, eliminating the need to fill the tank through the hollow center pin. The deck is specially designed to prevent the coils shorting out against the sides of the posts, with two graveyard posts retaining the leads through the use of side mounted hex screws. Providing a peace of mind and a level of satisfaction rarely found in other atomizers, the Nefarius is the first of its kind to offer all of these features wrapped up in a single piece of vaping hardware.

1 - .blank Single Coil BF RDA

Our latest edition to the asmodus family, the .blank squonk RDA is the latest iteration of our constantly evolving line of single coil bottom feed compatible rebuildable dripping atomizers, and that fact shows. Sharing a pedigree with the C4 and the Bunker, the .blank uses a chamber reducing deck design to great effect, with a wall like post located on either side of the chamber. Coils may be easily installed in the .blank through the usage of the top mounted hex screws without fear of shorting the leads against the walls of the barrel thanks to the curved design of the posts, enabling for even the largest of builds to be installed with ease. A top airflow system also makes an appearance, with specially designed turbulence reducing airflow inlets allowing for the user to drip of squonk to their heart’s content without fear of leakage. The perfect dripping atomizer for anyone who has a tendency to over saturate their cotton, the .blank is an amazingly flavorful RDA which has received rave reviews upon release.