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Q: Mod stuck in Download mode?!
A:Try click your button in the center about 3-5 times, then insert your batteries. If this does not fix it go to the warranty tab and follow instructions to send in your device for repair/warranty.
A2: If that does not resolve your issue, please contact us about sending your mod for warranty/repair.

Q: Can the minikin 2 be downgraded to base version?
A: No

Q: Ohms Jumping.
A:1 Are your ohms jumping drastically? Example: 0.4 then jumps to 1.2 back to 0.5 jumps to 1.7 (this isn't normal)

2 If your ohms are jumping in 0.01-0.04 increments, then that's normal as a result of the minikin 2 reading the ohms in real-time each button press. Example: 0.4 then 0.43 then 0.42 then 0.45 (Normal)

3 Are you are using SS wire on wattage mode? if you use stainless steel wires, resistance may jump around due to its higher conductivity and purity of your stainless steel wire. Some manufacturers arent selling true stainless steel wires. Our chip technology is one of the most advanced on the market, so it can read stainless
steel resistance in real-time.

-If its just 1, you should definitely send it in for warranty.
-If just 2, your device is perfectly fine
-If its a combo of 1 & 3, then your device perfectly fine

Q: Why is my Minikin 2 GX-180-UT?
A: The GX-180-UT simply stands for Upgradeable. This usually happens after updating, or newer batches of minikin 2s.

Q: How do i send in my device for warranty?
A: This is a link to our warranty section. simply follow the instructions given on said page.

Q; Wholesale?
A: Click our warranty tab located on the top section.

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