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BLANK BAR 30mL Premium E-Liquid

BLANK BAR 30mL Premium E-Liquid

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BLANK BAR Premium E-Liquid is a multi purpose e-liquid that can be used in other salt nic styled devices but were specifically tailored to provide maximized flavor when partnered with the BLANK BAR. Available in both 35 and 50mg, these impressive flavors are sure to keep to captivated until the very last drop!

Available Flavors:

  • Diamond IceWhen you vape Diamond Ice, you can expect a smooth, clean draw with a refreshing menthol exhale as if you have taken the pure and fresh crispness of ice from the North Pole. A hidden smoothness has been added to enhance its balance, leaving your palate invigorated and craving for more.
  • Electric Apple Candy: The core of this e-liquid experience is the unmistakable taste of freshly picked apples. With every inhale, you'll be greeted by the crispness of ripe apples, providing a natural and refreshing foundation.
  • Green Aloe AppleWhat sets Green Aloe Apple apart is its impeccable balance of flavors. The natural apple sweetness blends seamlessly with the soothing aloe vera, creating a profile that's harmonious, rejuvenating, and elegantly simple.
  • Guava ObsessionAt the heart of this e-liquid is the undeniable taste of fresh, sun-kissed guavas. Each inhale delivers a passionate burst of tropical fruitiness, offering a sweet and tangy foundation that's nothing short of paradise in a bottle.
  • Lime in the CoconutLime in the Coconut E-Liquid is an invigorating blend that marries the zesty brightness of lime with the indulgent creaminess of coconut.
  • Melon BreezyMelon Breezy E-Liquid captures the essence of sun-ripened melons, delivering a vaping experience that's both sweet and refreshingly cool.
  • Minty ViceAt its core, this e-liquid unleashes a powerful surge of cool, revitalizing mint. Each inhale immerses your senses in a bracing menthol embrace, offering a crisp and rejuvenating foundation that's a perfect departure from the ordinary with it's grounded undertones.
  • Passion CitrusPassion Citrus E-Liquid captures the essence of fiery tropical fruits intertwined with the zesty allure of citrus.
  • Peach CabanaPeach Cabana E-Liquid captures the essence of succulent peaches at the peak of their sweetness.
  • Strawberry BlissStrawberry Bliss E-Liquid is versatile and perfect for vapers seeking a fruit-filled escape. Whether you're in search of an all-day vape that embodies the essence of a strawberry paradise or a delightful treat, this e-liquid's strawberry charm makes it a dependable choice.
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