asMODus Battery Analyzer & Charger D500-TY (PROMO)

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Our Battery Analyzer opens up a whole new world of safety and peace of mind when it comes to vaping.

For the first time there is a designated device to analyze and determine whether batteries are in proper shape to be used safely. Not only does the analyzer determine the safety, it can also finally give an actual answer to the question that shops receive almost daily, "are my batteries good?"

The device has 4 modes all of which can give valuable information on any given battery whether it be 18350, 18500, 18650, 26360, 26500, 26650 and more.

Battery Charge Mode:
As simple as it says, charges your batteries at 2amps to ensure a charged battery as fast as safely possible.

Battery Capacity Detection
This mode can be used to determine the current available capacity of the cells within the battery. Charging and discharging the battery can cause cell damage over time, so this feature will give u an up to date, accurate number in correlation to your current battery life.

Battery Resistance Detection
This mode is useful in determining the stability of the cells within the battery. A lower number is always going to be better as it means that the cells are in a better condition and therefore able to safely push out more power than one with damaged cells.

Battery Max Output Current Detection
This mode is going to be one of the most overlooked, yet most important. This is what will let you know what amp load your batteries can safely handle. This would be great to use on batteries that will be going into a mechanical mod, as it gives you a better idea of what the battery can handle therefore avoiding over discharging the battery to the state of possibly venting or causing problems.

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