Top 10 Vape Mods

10 - Mini Minikin 50W


A mod that has been slept on by the majority of the vaping community, the Mini Minikin is a device that was ahead of its time when it was released. While the specs on paper might be a tad underwhelming, in person it is a completely different story. The integrated GX-50-HF chipset allows the Mini Minikin to push out up to 50W from a pint-sized 18500 battery, which is included out of the box. An incredibly compact device, the Mini Minikin is more than able to compete with the recent trend of all in one pod systems due to its low profile form factor and 50W maximum output. The missing link between ultra portables and full sized mods, the Mini Minikin offers a perfect balance between size and vapor production when used with the included Ohmlette sub ohm tank.


9 - Spruzza 80W Squonker Box Mod


An 80W regulated device that separates itself from the pack, the Spruzza takes the concept of a squonker mod and turns that on its head. The main draw for the Spruzza is the use of a rigid reservoir and pump system instead of the usual silicone squonk bottle. This results in a precise amount of liquid being dispensed with each depression of the squonk lever, allowing for a consistent amount of juice to be fed into the atomizer. With most bottom feed devices, there is a slight learning curve due to each bottle being slightly different and feeding inconsistently. The SSS (Smart Siphon System) used in the Spruzza completely changes that. Adding to the appeal of the Spruzza are the two magnetized stabilized wood doors that add a touch of class to this innovative device.

8 - Luna 80W Squonk Box Mod


The Luna is one of our most popular mods (and definitely our most popular bottom feed device), and for good reason. Budget friendly while providing a quality squonk experience, the Luna’s direct voltage output allows for a semi-mechanical experience, where your build is the only thing determining how hard the Luna hits. While a purely mechanical device should only be used by an experienced vaper with knowledge of Ohm’s Law and battery safety, the UL-80-JX chipset present in the Luna provides a safety buffer that enables experimentation with minimal risk, allowing for nearly anyone to use this mech with training wheels.


7 - Minikin Boost 155W Box Mod



Dislike touch screens but want a modern Minikin experience that only asMODus can provide? That’s where the Minikin Boost comes in. An advanced device that provides our industry-leading wattage curve mode while taking the shape of the OG Minikin and Minikin V1.5, the Boost offers a similar experience to the Minikin V2 and our other, more recent devices with a purely button based user interface. From our custom curve mode to the renowned hyper power saving capabilities found in our chipsets, it's all there. Externally, the Boost features several incremental improvements including a reinforced battery door and slightly enlarged chassis capable of fitting atomizers up to a diameter of 25mm without overhang. A wallet friendly mod that offers incredible value for your money, the Boost is the entry-level device in the Minikin line.


6 - Minikin Reborn 168W Box Mod


While the Minikin Reborn might resemble previous entries in the Minikin series externally, the internals make this device stand out from the pack. Driven by the GX-168-HT chipset and powered by a set of high-drain 18650 Li-ion cells, the Minikin Reborn offers an incredibly intuitive UI that is a natural evolution from the Minikin V2, with a redesigned menus system and method of switching firing modes expediting interaction with the Reborn. Like the rest of our modern mods, the Reborn ships with our trend setting wattage curve function, power efficient firmware, and temperature control settings.  


5 - Lustro 200W Box Mod


The multitool of vaporizers, the Lustro 200W is our most technologically advanced mod to date. While several design features had to be tucked away for future consideration, the Lustro is still one of our favorite products to come out of the drawing room. While some decried the integrated flashlight, we can’t count how many times that it has come in handy. Sold in a wide range of finishes and with several optional firmware updates available to customize the look of the Lustro, this powerful little beast is in constant use at our facility, with at least one person vaping with this gem of a mod.


4 - EOS II


Another collaboration between us and Ultroner, the EOS II is everything you could want in a successor to the original EOS. With an upgraded chipset and a more ergonomic chassis, the EOS II features several key differences that put it way ahead of its predecessor, including an improved UI similar to our more recent releases and basic ramp settings that allow for quick changes to be made to the firing cycle without delving into the wattage curve settings. Just like the just released Minikin V2 Kodama Color edition, three distinct firmware files are available for download on our website that allow for the user to completely change the look of the display, with different color settings for each allowing for a degree of customization only topped by Evolv’s DNA chipsets. With a 6063 aluminum frame and a gorgeous stabilized wood and resin chassis, few devices can match the elegance of an EOS II in action.


3 - Colossal 80W Box Mod


A pint-sized powerhouse sure to rock your world, the Colossal 80W is one of, if not the smallest single 18650 mods currently available. Capable of outputting 80W, the Colossal mimics the experience provided by the Minikin Reborn’s user interface while introducing an all-new chipset in the form of the GX-80-HUT V2. A fully featured yet incredibly compact device, the Colossal brings an extensive array of operating modes to the table with variable wattage, wattage curve, and temperature control support for Ni200 nickel, titanium, SS304, SS316, and SS317 heating elements available to choose from, with adjustable TCR and TFR functions completing this impressive package. An excellent option for anyone on the go, the petite nature of the Colossal is conducive to throwing it in a bag or pocket and walking out the door.  


2 - Minikin 2 Kodama Edition


The king of stabilized wood devices, the Minikin 2 Kodama is one of our top choices for good reason. All the functionality and comfort of the Minikin 2 combined with a gorgeous stabilized wood body, the Minikin 2 Kodama is nearly guaranteed to be seen at a vape convention due to the elegant, classy look inherent to the design. While it may not be affordable when compared to our other models, the investment is seen by many as worth making. A trophy piece as well as an incredible mod, the Minikin 2 Kodama is the perfect vaporizer for when you need to flex on your fellow vapers.


1 - Minikin 2


Without a doubt, the Minikin 2 is the best mod to ever leave our drawing room. Ergonomic, powerful, and innovative, the Minikin 2 is what all vaporizers aspire to be. From the gently contoured shape to the responsive touch screen, everything about the Minikin V2 screams quality. Even today, no one has managed to replicate the custom wattage curve mode that made its debut with this legendary mod. Our go-to recommendation, the Minikin 2 has won several awards and claimed its place in the hearts of vapers everywhere.