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Genuine Asmodus products are only sold through Asmodus, Inc., and authorized retailers. We have been notified of the existence of counterfeit products by increasing numbers of retailer and consumers. It has come to our attention that select companies with whom Asmodus has previously partnered have been distributing and making false misleading announcements, claiming that they own Asmodus or they authorized Asmodus to produce Asmodus products.

As a precationary measure, all of our new products will includes a verifiable scratch code so that your item's authenticty can be verified.

Asmodus is constantly partnering with various companies to bring customers to most innovative and exciting products possible. Asmodus prides itself in maintaining exceptional relationships with both retailers and consumers. These counterfeit products and alleged claims tarnish the Asmodus brand and challenges our intellectual property rights.

Please note that Asmodus Inc. may elect to presue legal means to cease the ongoing counterfeiting activities perpetuated by certain companies. If you have information regarding these counterfeit activities, please share it with us to help us police the integrity of our products.

If you have any questions, please contact