Oni Edition 80W Complete Kit

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Looking for a nice and compact mod that still packs a punch? Look no further, introducing the Oni-80w. The Oni-80w is equipped with our brand new chipset, the GX-80-HM. This chipset is a simple, easy to learn firmware anyone can use. The Oni-80w resistance range is 0.1Ω-2.5Ω and can go up as high as 80w making it so that anyone can use a plethora of tanks and builds.

We used Zinc alloy for the body for a durable build yet still light on the hand or pocket. We designed the buttons to be symmetrical to keep the mod as compact as possible, ultimately good space management.

Accompanied with the Oni-80w is our Ohmlette tank making it a match made in heaven! The Ohmlette tank uses a 0.8Ω coil that will make your battery life insanely long! Don’t underestimate the coil, we designed the coil to produce just as much clouds and flavor as many other tanks out there whilst still boasting the longer battery life.

Techincal specifications:

  • Watts 5w - 80w 
  • Accommodates up to 24mm attys and tanks
  • Resistance: 0.1Ω - 2.5Ω 
  • Max output: 7.5 Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 2800mah 
  • Max output current: 25.0A

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