asMODus Flow v1.5 500mah Ultra Portable Kit + pack of pods

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The asMODus FLOW is a step further in the future of stealthy pod devices. After countless hours of designing and redesigning, the FLOW is packed with innovations and provides an impressively lightweight design while still easy to use!

The FLOW ultra-portable excels in many ways that other devices lack. The coil we installed in the FLOW pods is a higher resistance to increase flavor production. High-grade organic cotton ensures excellent e-liquid absorption and no break-in period! Refilling of the pod comes with ease from the simple pull out cap system. Our fill hole is large enough for any dropper or nozzle of your choice. Fill up the pod with up to 2ml of your favorite e-liquid! 

Due to the recent research of ceramic coils proving how ceramic coils can lead to death or internal injuries, we designed the FLOW Pods to be made with kanthal and not ceramic. While many companies have taken the route of ceramic coils for its longer lifespan, we were able to create a safer coil that performs just as well if not better than the rest!

We made the FLOW pod device larger to help the user in two ways: To provide a better grip when using the device, and its enlarged size makes it much easier to find when misplaced. The large body also allowed us to equip the FLOW with a larger internal battery to make the device last much longer than any similar devices. In addition to the increased battery capacity, the battery cells have been increased in size to provide the FLOW larger battery cells to increase the lifespan of the device. Despite the size, the FLOW is made from premium aluminium alloy making it a deceptively lightweight mod.  The FLOW charges via a micro USB port making it easy to charge it anywhere without carrying another unnecessary dedicated charger. 

Includes 1 device, 2 cartridge pods, 1 usb cable, and user manual


Dimensions: 110mm x 22mm x 11.5mm
Internal 500mAh battery
2mL juice capacity
Resistance: 2.5Ω
Micro USB charging port
Draw-activated firing mechanism
Low-voltage, short-circuit, over-charge, and over-time protection
Proprietary gold-plated magnetic connection
Ergonomic design
Flow Includes:
1x Micro USB charger
2x Flow Coil
1x Instruction Manual

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