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asMODus x Thesis Barrage RDA 24mm

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Around 2015, in a small vape sop in minnesota I found myself wondering: exactly what is it that distinguishes a good RDA from a great RDA. So I made a list: it had one word: flavor. But as time went on I began to realize that flavor was only one component of what makes a great vape experience. From there the list began to grow. Density of flavor Ease of use Aesthetics Materials And of course airflow and it’s affects of the thermodynamic properties each dripper possesses. Which of course is just a fancy way of saying how does the path the airflow takes affect the overall experience and flavor. That same weekend I drew up a sketch; but like most ideas it ended up in the back of a drawer shoved beneath o rings and old issues of vape magazine. But the idea still lingered: Fast forward to the fall of 2018: After years of wondering “what if” I finally emailed my personal favorite company: Asmodus. Now I want to be careful to note that Asmodus has never been a paid sponsor of my channel-so contacting them out of the blue asking to make my little napkin sketch a reality was unlikely. Not to mention the fact that in doing so, I could be risking the relationship I built with them over the years. But after taking a look at my sketches they said they’d be willing to give it a shot! And that’s when the real work began. After a months of waiting-I received the first prototypes... It was straight up embarrassing. I’ve felt less turbulence flying home from ecc... on spirit airlines... The noise was so bad that my fiancé said it sounds like you’re vaping a dying school bus. Not to mention the heat-it felt like someone was holding a blowtorch to your lips. This is when I realized we needed to change our approach. We need to design this RDA around the coil. The coil should be the star-not an afterthought. This is when I referenced my dripper collection and noticed the sheer amount of 3mm fused clapton coils: my personal favorite. So from that point on-every aspect of this RDA was designed with that coil in mind. Everything from the deck, chimney and even the airflow was designed with the 3mm fused clapton in mind. Which is exactly why two come in the box. As well as an extra set of o-rings, grub screws, and gold plated squonk pin. Which the Barrage was designed to do exceedingly well.
The coil itself should sit just a few mm above the squonk head, leaving enough room for the airflow ramps to direct the air beneath the coil. The end result gives you the flavor characteristics you’d find in a bottom airflow dripper but with the leak resistance you get with a top flow design. As you begin to draw on the Barrage the air is forced through the heat sink and down the 4mm tunnels: which cools the body of the RDA. It also acts as a baffle giving the Barrage its characteristic whoosh sound. Something that was achieved by countless visits to my drill press. Wicking is a little more subjective and should depend on viscosity of liquid you choose to drip. Myself, I tend to slightly overpack my cotton because I thin out many of my 3mg liquids by mixing a shot of PG in order to achieve a harsher throat hit. Wattage and resistance will vary from one vaper to the next but I find the optimum combo to be between 55w-75w and .15-.30 ohms. But as long as your coil is in that 3mm range, you’ll experiencing what I consider to be the perfect single coil setup! At 24mm the Barrage will fit the majority of mods out there without any overhang. And aesthetically speaking-it speaks for itself. I was adamant on keeping the barrel free of any branding. And for an extrovert like myself-it wasn’t easy. Now while I am very proud of this dripper I can tell you first hand-that this will not be for everybody. I know two of my beta testers weren’t fans. And when I say they weren't fans I mean they fu**ing HATED it. All in all if you’re looking for an all day flavor banger thats good to go out of the box-this is it... Unless you’re cousin Jeffry. In which case-you’ll think it’s stupid. The number one question I’ve gotten about this RDA is why I didn’t want adjustable airflow. The simple answer is it’s tuned to perfection and I honestly didn’t want anybodies little d*** beaters messing with my sh**.

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We welcome you to a bombardment of flavor and vapor with our Barrage single coil 24mm RDA. With the collaborative efforts of both ourselves and VapingWithThesis, we have created the ultimate single coil RDA. The Barrage RDA is constructed of premium stainless steel giving it a sturdy build. We took inspiration from our previous single RDAs and improved on the design. The build deck is incredibly big giving you a large amount of room to build to your heart's content. The build deck features a two-post design with a massive terminal each for maximized ease of use. 
The Barrage utilizes a top airflow system which is hidden within the heat sink fins giving it a seamless design. The aiflow inlets are positioned so that eliquid leakage is not an issue anymore. These slots funnel incoming air straight down until it comes into contact with two slopes milled into the deck that then direct the air towards the bottom of the installed coil, allowing your taste buds to go on a journey. The Barrage’s airflow is non-adjustable, but provide the perfect amount of draw resistance for deep lung inhales. Due to popular demand, we have made the 810 drip tip a Goon-style Drip tip, with a large wide bore giving the you extra airflow.

asMODus x Thesis Barrage RDA Features

  • 24mm diameter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Two post build deck
    • 3.5mm*1.4mm post holes
    • Gold plated grub screws
    • Coil positioning notches machined into deck rim
  • 5.3mm deep juice well
  • Top airflow design eliminates leakage while providing great flavor
  • Included wide bore Goon-style 810 drip tip and squonk pin
  • Gold plated squonk and standard 510 pins
  • 510 connection


  • 1x asMODus x Thesis Barrage 24mm RDA
  • 2x Oni Prebuilt Triple Fused Clapton coils
  • 2x Allen keys
  • 1x Squonk pin
  • 1x Spare parts bag
  • 1x User manual

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